Drywall Finisher and Plasterer

Drywall Finisher and Plasterer for an impeccable job

By working with Victory Construction & Renovation's drywall installer for the installation of drywall and plastering, the client saves money and time as the wall preparation will have been done professionally ensuring a high quality finish.

It is the most important step in your interior renovation project because the natural light and your lighting will highlight any imperfections in the drywall installation.

You may have decided to do this work yourself to save money or you may want to hire a drywall installer to hang the drywall and tape, plaster and sand.

The plastering is one of the most difficult jobs to master, which is why most people, even those quite handy in renovation, will hire a professional plasterer.


Finishing basement walls or a single room

You are wondering how we tackle these projects?
This step happens after the partitions have been raised or during the finishing of a basement.

First, we make sure the joists are straight and level. If such is not the case, we add straighteners at every 16 inches and rectify where needed.

We ask the client if they need extra supports for heavy furniture or wall fixtures so we can reinforce the wall before installing the drywall. This will ensure confidence in the installation of a wall TV without adding additional supports after the wall has been finished.

Preparation is required for recessed lights, other light fixtures, electrical outlets and light switches (with a certified electrician) as well as any appliance to be recessed or fixed to the wall.

The next step is the installation of the ceiling, ensuring that the drywall is properly screwed using drywall and wood screws, making sure there is sufficient space between each sheet and the walls. Even if plaster is used to fill in space, it does not replace drywall. We carefully cut out the holes for the lights and ensure that all is well aligned to look professional.


Drywall installation

Once the drywall installer has installed the ceiling drywall, we continue with the walls.

Our plasterer install the sheets horizontally to reduce the number of joints, which gives a better look. We make sure not to have any joints less than 12 inches from a door or window and we leave 1/2 inch between the bottom sheet and the floor.

We take the time to carefully cut out any openings for windows or wall units.

According to your preferences, we can finish window casements with drywall or plaster or prepare the surface for pine or other wood finish.

We finish the corners with metal corners on the outside corners and apply three coats of plaster and sanding.

Repairing drywall in a room or repairing water damage

You may need to replace a section of drywall because someone tripped on a carpet and the wall took the brunt of the fall... or because you had water damage from a washroom on the upper level... or you moved a light fixture or a piece of furniture that left a hole in the wall. You could also have had flooding in the basement. We work with you and your insurance company when covered, to remove a minimum of 2 feet above the water line for the affected area. Damaged materials are disposed of and the structure and flooring are cleaned to disinfect before installing new drywall and plastering.

Applying the plaster

Plaster is a wet compound that releases humidity. To ensure a quality job, the plaster must dry completely between applications. We use fans and dehumidifiers to ensure adequate drying.

Each coat has a specific function and the overall effect is to make the wall look uniform. The professional look is the result of the knowledge and expertise of Jean-Marc, our president. He honed his expertise over a number of years on the job and has to his credit major projects involving drywall.