House siding

House Siding Contractor for your Gatineau Home

While the interior of the house has always been a priority for Victory Construction and Renovation, we now offer an Exterior siding contractor expertise in partnership with a qualified team.

Our team of experts in exterior siding in Gatineau will revitalize your home by providing advice for work to be done and materials to be used to ensure a high quality result.

Our professionals can ensure a quality installation of Maibec, Canaxel or vinyl.

We will take the time to analyze your needs and provide you with recommendations on the best solution based on your needs and your budget.

Turnkey operation

If you are looking for an exterior siding contractor in Gatineau, Victory Constuction and Renovation is there for you. In addition to installation of siding, we can also provide the following:

Removal of siding

You may wish to remove the siding on your own but if you want a seamless operation, we can handle the removal.


We will check vapour barriers, wall seals and other types of damages that may be present and correct the situation by repairing damaged areas.


Once the old siding has been removed, we can analyse your options for insulation and provide advice for optimal comfort.

Windows, Doors and Gutters

Many clients change their windows and gutters when they are replacing exterior siding. Our team of experts can take charge here also.