Kitchen Cabinet Installers

Installateur d'armoires de cuisine Ikea d'expérience à Gatineau et les environs

IKEA kitchens offer products that are one of the best value for money on the market. Unlike furniture that is generally easy to assemble, IKEA kitchen cabinet installation is more complex and recommended to be left to experts like those at Victory Construction & amp; Renovation which have supported several clients in this type of project in recent years.

Our team will support you from the start of your kitchen renovation project to guide you through each step. We'll take the time to analyze your needs and look at the different kitchen cabinet options available to you from IKEA. We'll give you a plan, then give you advice on buying the kitchen and even buy it for you! In the meantime, we'll redesign the space to properly prepare the kitchen and then install the IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Personalize your IKEA kitchen

Over the years, we have developed tips for successfully customizing IKEA kitchen cabinets based on available space and customer preferences. But beware ! Only experts who are familiar with the peculiarities of IKEA kitchens can venture there, as mistakes can lead to significant additional costs.