Painter at your service in Gatineau and the surrounding area

Are you looking for a team of painters from the Gatineau region for painting work in your home? Victory Construction & amp; Renovation relies on professional painters who will meet all your needs.

Each painter we work with is trained to deliver quality work to the highest industry standards, regardless of the size of the project. We apply the same thoroughness to repainting a floor or repainting an entire house.

Whether it is cathedral ceilings, hallways, bedrooms, an entire basement or any other painting project, our quality work will allow you to enjoy a home painted with care and rigor. We will take care of everything: repairing the walls, painting the baseboards and frames, applying the primer and then, the colors!

Painting without having to renovate

In some situations, simply repairing walls and holes and then repainting the room can avoid having to start renovating immediately. By entrusting the painting work to a painter Victory Construction & Renovation , you will be able to give life to a room or a complete house. And for those looking to sell a home, investing in a painter's service can pay off at the time of sale.


We can repaint everything

Our team of painters adapts to your needs, whether for interior or exterior painting. Our professionals have all the equipment and experience required to provide you with quality service.

Interior painting

No matter the type of interior painting project, our painters will listen to your needs: cathedral ceilings, high walls, door frames, moldings, etc.


Our paint products designed for the bathroom will save you from the hassle of water and mold that can occur in a bathroom, especially when ventilation is not optimal.

Kitchen cabinets

You can give your kitchen cabinets a second life by entrusting your cabinet painting work to our experts who will offer you a solution adapted to your situation.

Exterior painting

We can paint your doors and frames on the outside, not to mention your garage door, which will give your home a new lease of life and protect it from the elements.

A work in four stages

By contacting our team to benefit from the services of a painter in Gatineau or a painter in Aylmer, we will proceed in four steps.

We will meet with you to properly assess your needs and provide you with a quote.

If you go ahead, we'll start with repairing the walls, if necessary. At the same time, we will prepare each part in order to be as efficient as possible when it comes time to paint.

Our professional painters will first make sure to apply the primer, commonly known as the “primer”. This step will make it possible to offer quality work when applying the colors.

As soon as the primer is dry, we will continue with the first and second coat of paint colors and you can fully enjoy your home repainted to the taste of the day.

A quick job

Our team of painters work quickly while demonstrating rigor and attention to detail. Usually, we can finish painting an entire house within a week.