Basement Renovation

For small and big basement renovation projects in Gatineau, Victory will deploy its team to meet all your needs.

Whether it is for an old house, a more recent house or a new construction, basement renovation or development requires planning as in most houses, there are a number of options on how to divide a large surface.

For your basement renovation project in Gatineau and surroundings, Victory Construction & Renovation offers you a turnkey service that will allow you to maximize the available space for years to come, according to your real needs.

Our team can manage the entire project, from the initial consultation to the final brushstroke, in order to make your basement a space that meets all your expectations. We will take care of dividing walls, flooring installation, painting and we will work in partnership with electricians and plumbers if needed.

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Basement renovation in Gatineau: multiple possibilities

Victory Construction and Renovation offers a range of services for different types of basement renovations, two of the most popular:

Before and after

A "before and after basement renovation" type in which we demolish and rip out everything that is in place to start anew

From the cement up

A project that involves building from the cement floor such as a new build. In such cases, the possibilities are endless.

You want a laundry room? a recreation room for the children? a home office? storage? Regardless of your needs and your situation, our team of professionals will adapt and work with your budget and your expectations.

We will assess overall and propose options. If need be, we can dismantle and rebuild your basement renovation.

Service from start to finish

Your contractor for the basement renovation from Victory Construction and Renovation will guide you from start to finish. Some of the services that we can provide in basement renovation projects are the following:

  • Basement design to plan different use spaces and plan for the steps to make it happen.
  • Remove flooring and wall divisions if necessary.
  • Raise dividing walls and prepare drywall for taping and plastering
  • Coordinate for electrician and plumber at appropriate time.
  • Install flooring (flooring installer)
  • Add or renovate bathroom
  • Painting by one of our painters
  • Install decorations and trim
  • Any other service related to the project

Please note that we can work with your designer or architectural techician.


Costing a basement renovation project

Victory Construction and Renovation will meet with you to understand the scope of the project and asses your needs to prepare a detailed quote. Basement renovation projects are quite variable. However the following factors have an impact on the overall cost.

  • Plan if needed
  • Framing including storage
  • Number of doors to provide and install
  • Windows to add (for conformity)
  • Bathroom/laundry room to add
  • Area of drywall
  • Addition of insulation and sound proofing
  • choice of flooring
  • Type of ceiling (suspended or drywall)
  • Plumbing (work invoiced by plumber)
  • Electrical and light fixtures (work invoiced by electrician)

Words of Wisdom

Renovating a basement can be a hassle and an experienced contractor will help you avoid errors and cost overruns. Here are words of advice that will help you in basement renovation projects.

Establish an amount that you are willing to invest to renovate your basement and add 10% for unexpected expenses, especially if renovating an older home.
Think long term. Ask yourself questions. If your children are young adults, are they going to leave the nest in the next little while. You want to start a business? Think of the possibility of creating a home office. We can't plan everything but it is important to think of what changes we can predict in the next few years.
You should not select the lowest bid. There are a number of factors to consider, including the approach, services included, experience and past client satisfaction. You must feel confident in your choice before giving the contract to a contractor.
Get quotes from a number of experts in basement renovation in Gatineau to ensure that you can compare quotes. In discussing with them, you will be better equipped to make a final decision.