Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Service in Gatineau

The bathroom is certainly the most used room in the house after the kitchen, especially for families who only have access to one full bathroom in their home

For your bathroom renovation project in Gatineau and surroundings, contact the professionals at Victory Construction & Renovation.

We will manage each step of the bathroom renovation project for you and you can rest assured that you will have the bathroom ready and renovated as soon as possible, especially if you only have one in your house.

From the demolition of the bathroom to the final touch, we will plan each step along with you to ensure that we meet the deadlines and satisfy your expectations down to the last detail.

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Bathroom Renovation: Your call

There are basically two types of bathroom renovations:

  • We take everything out and start from scratch
  • We build a new bathroom where non existed, such as in a basement development in a new house.

In any case, Victory Construction and Renovation can meet your needs and adapt its services to your budget. This project requires a fair amount of planning because of its different uses during the day. It is important to focus on function of each component as it is used in the morning before work, before school, after school, at bedtime.

We are with you from beginning to end

Your bathroom renovation expert at Victory Construction and Renovation will be with you at all times during the project. Smaller in scope than a kitchen renovation, it is essential to plan ahead to avoid costly corrections. Here is how we can guide you:

  • Design of bathroom to optimize space, heat, electrical outlets, ventilation and storage.
  • Demolition of the room if this is not a new bathroom build
  • Drywall repair and plaster
  • Coordination with plumber and electrician
  • Ceramic flooring installation
  • Addition or enlargement of window if required
  • Installation of countertops (quartz, granite or other)
  • Painting
  • Install shower, bathtub, sink and toilet
  • Install decorations

Please note that we can work with your designer and will adapt our services to your needs


Costing a Bathroom Renovation Project

The project manager from Victory Construction and Renovation will meet you to understand and assess your needs to prepare a quote. Each project is different but the following factors will influence the overall cost:

  • Size of the bathroom
  • damages caused by water seepage (visible or invisible)
  • choice of flooring (ceramic, pattern, install)
  • heated floor
  • bathtub (recessed or free standing)
  • choice of shower base (acrylic or ceramic)
  • installation of a shower insert
  • type of shower doors (fixed or folding, up to the ceiling, door mouldings, colour and finish)
  • vanity selection (standard or custom built), countertop (quarts, acrylic, laminate)
  • shower, tub and vanity hardware
  • ceramic wall in shower
  • changes required on walls and structure to support
  • light fixtures (recessed and new fixtures)

Words of Wisdom

Bathroom renovations are challenging. To make the best of it, here are four recommendations to consider before embarking on a renovation.

Take time to establish a budget. If you need to borrow money to undertake this renovation, speak to your financial planner to establish a realistic amount based on your means and the value of the house.
Take time to assess your needs. If you have children, think of their daily routines and the use made of the bathroom. Would it be preferable to have double sinks? a large shower? a large bathtub? Take time to think about it before so you do not have any regrets afterwards.
Taking into account the volume of water that passes through this room, select a contractor who is knowledgeable in water management and who will be able to guide you in choices and budget options. Select a contractor who understands you and your family and will share ideas based on experience in the area.
By contacting contractors specializing in bathroom renovations, you will be able to assess the quotes based on prices, material, and service. You will feel confident in your decision.