Interior Renovation

Your Interior Renovation Specialist

No matter how big or how small your renovation project is, it is essential to be able to count on a trustworthy team to get the work done. Victory Construction & Renovation will walk you through all the stages of the project, meeting your needs and within budget and on time.

Interior renovation projects include a number of steps specific to each one of them and to achieve desired outcomes, you have to be guided by trusted professionals throughout the whole project.

The project manager at Victory Construction & Renovation will meet with you to establish timelines and will coordinate the use of trades people to that each is available when needed to ensure your home renovation project comes in on time and on budget.

Renovation Services Available

Each interior renovation project involves many steps and there are a number of details that need to be taken into account if one wants to avoid mishaps. The experience of Victory Construction and Renovation in this area allows you to plan each step of the renovation to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes. Whether it is for a complete home renovation or a specific room such as a kitchen renovation, a basement development or redevelopment, a bathroom renovation or simply installing a flooring, we have a team of professionals who can meet your needs. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, ceramic installers, drywall and plaster, painter, we have them all on our side so that you can feel confident that all will be done well and according to specifications.


Interior Renovation: what adds value for resale?

You are thinking of selling your home and are wondering what will provide the greatest resale value? These points will help you decide where to put the emphasis.


If you have old vinyl or carpets, this should be a priority by replacing with hardwood flooring.

Kitchen and Bathroom

It is often possible to refresh rather than renovate these two rooms. We can help you determine the extent of change you want to make.

Wall Damage

While expected over time, it is recommended that these be repaired and repainted before putting the house on the market.


By taking the time to refresh some walls with neutral tones, you will provide a more aesthetic look to your home and better dazzle potential home buyers.

Costing an interior renovation project

A number of factors will influence the final cost of an interior renovation project. In addition to the choice of contractor, the speed at which work is to be carried out, there are issues that may impact the final cost. Here are a few for your consideration.

Water seepage that has not been resolved over weeks, months or years will often cause invisible damages that will need to be addressed: drywall rot, mould in the walls, wet insulation, wet and often rotted plywood.
Before starting work, the existing materials need to taken down and removed. For example, it will be more expensive to remove ceramic tiles than removing carpeting or linoleum. This will influence the cost of demolition as will the size of the debris to be removed.
When renovating, there is a tendency to want to open up the area but there are costs associated with this type of project: engineering plan for load-bearing walls, specialized carpenters, repairs to the ceilings and flooring, changing of flooring, relocating air ducts, plumbing and electrical components by qualified trades people.
The cost of an interior renovation project is directly related to the choice of materials to be used and installed. For example, a hardwood flooring will be more expensive than laminate flooring.
Many projects are costed by square foot. If the area is large, the cost per square foot is reduced because fixed costs are spread out over a greater surface. Some small projects are costed based on a minimum price structure. For example, repairing a flooring in the middle of a room will require expertise and precision and thus will be costly on a square foot basis because of the travel time, materials, availability of trade person in addition to the high level of expertise needed to make the repair seamless.
Some projects require a special expertise that is hard to find. In such cases, costing will be influenced by supply and demand
If you plan to replace your kitchen cabinets, you may decide to change the arrangement of the cabinets and you may wish to replace the countertops. Often it is necessary to repair or replace the flooring. If you have a backsplash, it may be damaged in the process or not positioned to fit with new cabinet placement. Thus, you may wish to change it to better coordinate with the new elements.

Words of Wisdom

For a successful interior renovation project, a few rules of thumb should be considered. Here are some words of wisdom based on our experience in renovations in the Gatineau area.

Before starting, you need to set a reasonable budget with a bit of wiggle room. By establishing this amount, you will see what you can accomplish and will not overspend. This will help the contractor guide you in a realistic manner.
Make a list of your needs and the priority that you assign in terms of interior renovation. If you have a dilemma, you can come back to the list and make a clear decision.
Contact a few contractors and ask for references. Visit their websites, look at their projects and analyze the comments made by clients on Google or on their social media. In Quebec, it is mandatory to hire a contractor with a RBQ licence. If not, you will not be protected in case of litigation.
Ask for quotes from two or three contractors but make sure that the quotes cover the same services in order to compare apples with apples. Do not necessarily take the lowest quote. Take time to consider the approach the contractor has had with you and the level of confidence and trust given by references for these contractors.