Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Service in Gatineau

You have a kitchen renovation in Gatineau and surroundings? Deal with an experienced and trustworthy kitchen renovator: Victory Construction & Renovation

Our team will coordinate the various steps at the worksite so that you will not lose any sleep and will ultimately have the kitchen that you agreed to on budget and on time.

Whether it is a custom kitchen or the installation of an IKEA kitchen, this type of project requires a number of steps and details.

Unless you are very experienced, it is best to guided by professionals in order to reduce errors that could be costly to remediate. We have successfully installed a number of kitchen renovation projects in Gatineau, Aylmer and surrounding area so we know the ins and outs and potential issues so that our clients can have a functional kitchen that meets their aspirations.

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Turnkey Operation from Start to Finish

The experts at Victory Construction and Renovation will walk you through each step of the project and coordinate the trades people when required. Among the services are the following:

  • Kitchen Design for selection and best placement of cabinets, heating, light, electrical outlets, storage, etc.
  • Demolition of the existing kitchen and removal of walls when necessary
  • Repair to drywall by our drywall installer
  • Electricity and plumbing
  • Flooring installation by our flooring installers
  • Replacement of windows and patio doors if necessary
  • Installation of IKEA kitchen cabinets or any other custom made cabinets
  • Installation of countertops (quartz, granite or other)
  • Installation of kitchen backsplash tiles
  • Coordination of painters
  • Decorative touches
  • Any other service necessary for the kitchen renovation of your dreams

Please note that we can work with a kitchen planner or kitchen designer if you already have one. We can adapt our services to your needs


Costing a Kitchen Renovation Project

The final cost of a kitchen renovation project will depend on a number of factors. You may renovate at a low cost or you may spend thousands of dollars. Each project is different but here are some factors that will influence to overall cost of the project.

  • Kitchen plan (if required)
  • Current area, possibility of increasing the kitchen area
  • Moving of walls
  • Current state of the kitchen and flooring
  • Material to be demolished
  • Choice of new cabinets, doors, hardware, and area (IKEA kitchen or custom kitchen)
  • Choice of flooring (ceramic tiles, laminate or wood)
  • Choice of countertops (quartz, granite, laminate or wood)
  • Choice of handles
  • Repairs to walls, ceiling, flooring
  • Moving of ventilation or not
  • Addition of an island
  • Addition of lights or built-ins (work invoiced by electrician)
  • Choice of new plumbing or additions (work invoiced by a plumber)
  • Addition or replacement of window or patio door

Renovating a Kitchen for Resale Value

Most real estate agents will tell you that a kitchen renovation is the best way to increase the value of you home for resale value. If you are renovating to sell, investments should be strategic.

You need to renovate while keeping costs down and opt for a design, colour and materials that are neutral and will be appreciated by a majority of potential buyers. The Victory Construction and Renovation team can guide you if you plan to renovate for resale value if your home is located in the Gatineau area.

Words of Wisdom

To make sure the kitchen renovation project meets your needs, a few factors need to be taken into account. Here are words of wisdom from our kitchen renovation experience

At the outset, you need to determine how much you want to invest in the renovation of your kitchen. You can have a minimum amount in mind and a maximum that you are confortable spending. With these numbers in mind, you will be able to make the appropriate decisions.
Are you renovating to sell in the next year? in five years? A renovation project where you expect to spend the next 20 years, raising your children? Based on your plans and your family situation, you will have a better idea of what your needs are.
For a large kitchen renovation project, you want to have a trustworthy contractor. Do not hesitate to ask for references and to meet with a few contractors or renovators to see who you are comfortable to work with.
Do not hesitate to ask for a few quotes. No need to get many, but two or three quotes to compare services, material, prices. Make sure the quotes are specific and allow you to compare apples to apples.